De Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA) voerde een online enquete uit om meer inzicht te krijgen en meest bepalende factoren voor een positieve gebruikservaring. Ze maakten daarbij onderscheid in de groepen: non-proft organisaties en steden, webdesigners en bedrijfsleven en algemene website bezoekers.

Een aantal opmerkelijke citaten uit het onderzoek.
Designers should give greater consideration to overall effectiveness, thereby reducing the chance of failure for a user to find the information they seek.
When budgeting for your project, don’t be overly seduced by fancy graphics and multimedia. Invest in strong, clear design and simple methods to quickly deliver current information to your visitors.
Even in a broadband age, visitors value fast sites, both those that are fast loading and those that quickly deliver sought-after information.
Designers and content developers can provide ample sidebars that link to other recommended pages, and extensively cross- link to other pages based on keywords.
Your visitors don’t know your site as well as you do, so make sure it is obvious how to find information through meaningful menus, prompts, and not too much clutter.
Designers tend to overestimate the clarity of their designs.

Bron: Factors that improve online experiences

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