Op news.com staat een alleraardigst artikel waarin diverse experts vertellen over het toenemende belang van de factor mens in product en web design. Enkele interessante quotes uit het stuk

Design is starting to change who succeeds and who fails (Alonso Vera, Nasa)

U.S. engineers need a broader training than simply programming and engineering. They increasingly need to have an understanding of working with multicultural teams and being able to understand the social components of the products (AnnaLee Saxenian, Berkeley Universiteit)

Design must be optimized for body or brain, it has to be deeply human, something that you desire and aspire to. That’s meaningful design (John Maeda, MIT Media Lab)

Everything’s becoming a computer–radios, cars, cameras, TVs–and they all have more computer power than the Apollo moon rocket. This may sound good, but it’s not, because the designers can’t help themselves to add so many more features than the user ever needs. (Jakob Nielsen, NNGroup)

In general, technology’s become so good that it’s not the differentiator between products. User interface is becoming a huge differentiator. (Jeff Han, Perceptive Pixel)

Bron: The human factor in gadget, Web design

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